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Krauser Domani Dopo Domani

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Rolf Biland testdrive

Krauser Domani & Dopo Domani

Krauser Domani LCR Design

In cooperation with Krauser from Germany we produce(d) this unique road sidecar.
More than 100 have been built and sold around the world.
Actually we have spare-parts for 5 Krauser Domanis. Then this chapter will be closed.

Torsionally strong tubular grid frame with integral sidecar

Design of the chassis is exclusively LCR and features many of the successful ideas from racing sidecars.
Very rigid frame (tubular steel).
Suspension and steering with swingarms and push-rods.
AP brakes.
Koni shock absorbers.
Rims 6 x 14" and 7 x 15"
Engines are BMW K-Type.

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Dopo Domani

Emotions with racing technology

With dopo-domani we succeeded in doing to unit the technology of racing with the luxury features of a modern sidecar. This technology fill sidecar riders, motorcycle riders and friends for the particularity with enthusiasm equally.

dopo-domani is a complete concept with no compromise, which is thought-out in all details. The high quality and the equipment are characteristic for this sidecar. The superior concept of chassis - the one piece frame construction we continued with dopo-domani.

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